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PeoplePerHourly is a carefully vetted community comprising a talented team of .NET developers who specialize in crafting web-based applications and web services. With a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience across a range of technologies including VB.NET, C++, Ms. SQL, C#, and ASP, our .NET developers are well-equipped to tackle diverse project requirements.

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The services of .NET developers offer several benefits, making them a valuable asset for various software development projects.

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Yes, with the introduction of .NET Core (now known as .NET 5 and later), .NET has become cross-platform. .NET applications can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. This cross-platform capability allows .NET developers to create applications that are not limited to a single platform, making it more versatile and adaptable to different deployment scenarios. It's one of the reasons why .NET remains a popular choice for building modern applications.

ASP.NET is a framework within the .NET ecosystem specifically designed for building web applications, web services, and dynamic websites. It is an essential component of .NET development, as it provides tools and libraries for creating interactive and data-driven web applications. .NET developers often work with ASP.NET to build web-based solutions, using technologies like ASP.NET MVC (Model-View-Controller) and ASP.NET Core to develop modern and responsive web applications.

.NET development primarily uses programming languages like C#, VB.NET (Visual Basic .NET), and F# (functional programming language). Among these, C# is the most widely used and recommended language for building .NET applications due to its versatility, performance, and strong support within the .NET ecosystem. However, .NET developers are proficient in multiple languages and can choose the most suitable one based on project requirements and client preferences.